ALCEDO – Bringing Cryptocurrencies to All

With the crypto currency market value speculated to hit USD 1 Trillion, this domain has successfully managed to revolutionize many industries. However, its adoption remains limited mainly to the corporate level. Individuals have yet to identify the full potential of the crypto currency ecosphere. ALCEDO is a blockchain-based system that aims at making crypto currencies accessible to everyone and at offering an opportunity to maximize the potential of this transformational domain.

Important Components of the ALCEDO System

There are seven fundamental components of the ALCEDO system:

1. ALCEDO-Platform
The ALCEDO-Platform consists of all important functions that are necessary for operating and managing crypto transactions from different wallets, machines, coins, etc.. Our team will constantly introduce more features to optimize the user experience.

2. ALCEDO-KATM (Crypto Machines)
We obtain our crypto-vending machines from renowned manufacturers, such as GeneralBytes and Lamassu. The ALCEDO-KATMs operate on a specially developed API connection that offers the latest crypto prices in order to facilitate transactions.

3. ALCEDO-Point
The primary objective of ALCEDO-Points is to assist users to manage the trading and exchange processes more efficiently. Moreover, it is available as a franchise which will generate employment opportunities and help promote the acceptance of crypto currency trading at a global scale.

4. ALCEDO-POS Terminals
The ALCEDO-POS Terminals act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers and will facilitate crypto currency transactions. It is an interactive POS terminal that connects and communicates with the ALCEDO-Platform and safely and securely processes crypto currencies and regular debit and credit cards.

5. ALCEDO-Wallet
The ALCEDO-Wallet makes it efficient for individuals to handle various crypto currencies. It enables users to easily send and receive crypto currencies around the world. It is important to mention that the wallet is designed to meet the highest security standards.

6. ALCEDO-Card
The ALCEDO-Card is integrated with an NFC chip and can be used at ALCEDO-ATMs and ALCEDO POS terminals. This card allows individuals to easily buy and sell crypto currencies. Additionally, it promotes acceptance of crypto currencies on a larger scale.

One of the most important aspects of the ALCEDO system is the ERC-20 Ethereum based ALCEDO coin. It will be used to execute various functions in the system and its sale has been launched in the fourth quarter of 2019.

ALCEDO – Token Sale

For its first token sale, the system has introduced 100 Million ALCE tokens with 1 ALCE valued at Euro 0.20. The token sale began on December 1st, 2018 and will continue till January 31st, 2019. Individuals can acquire ALCE tokens by using BTC, ETH, and PayPal. The token distribution has been planned in the following way:

 40% – ICO
 30% – Team
 15% – Business
 15% – Referrals / Bonus

After the token sale, the platform intends to allocate the funds in the following manner:

 40% – Development
 30% – Marketing
 20% – Reserve
 5% – Partnership
 5% – Legal Activities

ALCEDO – Extending the Crypto currency Landscape

ALCEDO is a decentralized blockchain-based system that works towards making crypto currencies accessible to all. By providing easy-to-use and efficient tools such as ALCEDO-Card, ALCEDO-Wallet, ALCEDO-POS Terminals, etc., it enables individuals to easily trade in crypto currencies and will further promote the emerging concept of digital currencies.

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