With Bitzon – Ecommerce to Become More Rewarding

The traditional Ecommerce platform, though full of advantages can be extremely cumbersome especially for the buyers. With sensitive details like credit and debit card pins being exposed to hackers, the chances of theft are very high. Moreover, this is not just the only plight on the buyers, there are several regulatory limitations that can further make sale and purchase on ecommerce platform challenging.

Integration of Blockchain Technology

Bitzon, a platform based on the sought after blockchain technology is here for users to make the most out of the e-commerce. While all kinds of cryptos and tokens can be traded on Bitzon, it especially incentivizes buyers and sellers who use its token. The buyers who use Bitzon tokens get a 10% off on all lifetime purchases and the sellers who sell using Bitzon tokens are rewarded with a 50% off on the subscription fees.

Smart Contract Integration Into The Platform

With the integration of smart contract buyers are assured of an absolute safe transaction. Here, a buyer is required to pay only after the product has reached him and that is exactly when the seller gets his money.

Insuring the Interest of both Buyers and Sellers

Bitzon is fast and safeguards the buyers with its blockchain technology. The moment there are any chances of buyer’s money at risk, it creates a series of blocks with the help of API. Bitzon also has a security purchase system which enables a customer to get a refund on item that is not of a desirable quantity in 15 days of purchase. This is actually a condition that every smart contract has. The refund would take place in cryptos at the current exchange rate via cryptos. Having said that, Bitzon even prevents sellers from being a target of fake and negative reviews. There have been reported instances when to defame a brand or its product, fake reviews have been posted on several ecommerce forums. A fake review or a review not posted by an actual buyer immediately puts a seller’s brand value at stake. So, to tackle this, Bitzon only allows reviews from buyers who have actually purchased an item.

Sellers have The Opportunity to Maximise Productivity

Small sellers or new producers of a particular product find it really difficult to gain a grip over the international market. Sometimes handling the project due to the lack of staff creates hurdles and sometimes promotional activities take the sellers focus away. Bitzon takes care of such hurdles and encourages the seller to focus on core activities like maximizing the production or reducing extra expenses.

There is a Huge Bounty Stored in for Loyal Investors

Bitzon currently has a reserve of 30 million coins that it will, over a period of time, distribute amongst those investors who will advertise its ICO using the methods in the type form under the head bounty on all major social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Bitzon is quite a legit crypto trading platform which is quite evident from the stats that it has mentioned on its website. It has quite clearly furnished the distribution of tokens and the purpose of the sale proceeds.
Bitzon Airdrop : https://bitzon.typeform.com/to/GsJDFg


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