Connect Coin – An Extensive Borderless Marketplace.

Cryptocurrency International Tanzania Limited (CITL) is a globally reckoned private limited liability firm nestled in the United Republic of Tanzania. The company’s primary intention is to transform the existing global payment system and money transfer by allowing consumers across the globe to make payments via a single dedicated cryptocurrency. The CITL team has also effectively addressed the uncertainties associated with cryptocurrencies prices and offered a stable solution by leveraging blockchain technology and developing a decentralized native token referred to as Connect Coin (XCON).


Connect Coin (XCON)

Connect Coin is an ERC-20 Ethereum-based coin developed with a vision to ‘connect the world’ by decentralizing the digital mode of payment and money transfer. XCON aims to empower merchants by extending a blockchain-based payment system referred to as Connect Pay to showcase and market their products and services. The organisation has also offered a global Connect Marketplace that enables consumers and merchants from around the world to efficiently take part in trading activities using Connect Coin.


Features of Connect Coin  

Connect Coin works towards the aim of simplifying the global payment system. The platform accomplish its objective by rendering the following features to its users:-

  • Purchasing Power: Offers consumers ‘Direct to Consumer’ pricing through peer-to-peer networks.
  • Global Money Transfer: Enables easy and fast transfer of fund at minimal charges
  • Storefront Creation: Extends a global e-commerce market that enables e-tailers to enter into the decentralized ecosystem without any hassle.
  • Micro-Distribution: Provides micro-distribution channels powered by decentralized networks and distribution ledgers (Blockchain).
  • Any-time Accessibility: Facilitate transfer or exchange of money through XCON from anywhere, at any time of the day.
  • Multi-Currency Mobile Wallet: Allows cryptocurrency users to store crypto-tokens, exchange cryptocurrencies, and make real-time fund transfer.
  • Transaction Transparency Blockchain’s confirmation mechanism and transaction recording eliminate the chances of double booking or double spending, thereby ensuring transparency in the transactions.


Connect Card – Improving Global Payment System

Connect Card is developed on blockchain technology that envisions to improve the digital payment system. It simplifies cryptocurrency transactions and makes their use practical in real-life. Through Connect Card users can easily withdraw funds (Connect Coin) in fiat money.


Connect App – Supporting Connect Coin’s Solutions

Connect App allows users to store, send, and receive Connect Coin with other users in the network directly. It also enables consumers to pay for goods and services to sellers and merchants worldwide who accept Connect Coins without the hassle of converting currencies. This app allows users to:-

  • Store their coins safely
  • Experience an easy way to use their acquired coins
  • Complete global transactions at low charges
  • Leverage Easy and efficient way to pay for goods and services


Why Choose Connect Cards?

  • Fast(Instant) – Withdrawals via Connect Cards is verified and confirmed within a few seconds as compared to other crypto cards that take a while to process payments.
  • Security – Connect Card is completely secure as users can block their cards functions through Connect App.
  • Low Fee- Connect Cards allows users to exchange and withdraw Connect Coins to fiat money at lower costs.

Connect Coin Token Sale

CITL aims to distribute 70 Million XCON tokens in its token sale. These tokens will be issued in the following manner:-

  • 76% – ICO sales
  • 15% – founder and management team
  • 7% – Promotion of referral program
  • 1% – Contingency
  • 1% – Legal costs


Additionally, funds collected from the token sale will be allocated in the following manner:-

  • 35% – Connect marketplace
  • 30%- CITL merchants
  • 20%- CITL exchange
  • 15%- CITL academy


Connect Coin – Connecting the World

CITL, a private limited liability company has extended an effective way to execute global payment and transfer through a single currency – Connect Coin (XCON). XCON aims to streamline the present payment and transfer system across the globe by harnessing blockchain technology. It offers an extensive ecosystem wherein merchants can easily enter the commercial market and exhibit their products. Consumers, in return, can obtain excess to products and services from merchants worldwide and buy products safely and efficiently via a single coin.


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