CryptFillCoin – Setting a Benchmark for the Commercial Trading Landscape

CryptFillCoin is a blockchain-based platform that aims to bring the most cost-effective way to send, receive, and store numerous cryptocurrencies. The platform envisions to extend the commercial market to the cryptocurrency domain. CFC offers enterprises as well as individuals the ability to generate invoices and create multi-currency wallets. By providing an easy and efficient exchange ecosystem, the platform eliminates the following inefficiencies:-

●  Usage of currencies being limited by geographical borders
●  Insubstantial opportunity to earn profits
●  High bank charges on the purchase of goods and services
●  Lack of accessibility of factors of currencies

The decentralized approach of CFC enables it to effectively integrate cryptocurrencies in the commercial market. It allows businesses to efficiently exchange currencies with cryptocurrencies offered by customers and vice versa. Moreover, through blockchain technology, the ecosystem intends to generate a trustworthy and secure environment that facilitates optimized trading and exchange operations.

Key Features of CryptFillCoin

CryptFillCoin offers various unique features/benefits that include:-

●  Ability to convert numerous currencies
●  Trade and exchange of coins with other users
●  Storage and distribution of coins safely and securely
●  Option to privatize or publicize users account
●  Send or receive invoices and accept payments from multiple sources
●  Instant transaction processing

CryptFillCoin (CFC) Token

The token sale for CFC token has already begun, which will last till December 30th December 2018. The platform has issued 10,000,000 CFC wherein the value of 1 CFC is set at USD 0.3. Presently, the ecosystem is accepting numerous coins including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and CFC tokens, and plans to introduce more coins in the future.

A Reliable Storing Space

CryptFillCoin acts like a bank for users wherein, they can securely trade and obtain effective services such as free transfers, zero fee storage, interest on stored assets, optimum security, etc. while ensuring constant availability of funds. Moreover, the platform has also integrated a multi-server cold wallet system that ensures the security of users’ funds and the availability of free services. It spins a different server on a daily basis to offer a new location to the users’ cold wallets, thereby further strengthening the security.

CryptFill Investment

CryptFill investment plans to boost users opportunities to earn greater returns on their investment on the platform. To achieve the same, it ensures the following:-

●  Obtain an average monthly return of 33.3%
●  Regular updates of earnings
●  Prompt payment policy
●  Guaranteed returns on trading

CryptFill Insurance

Along with optimizing users investment, CryptFillCoin also ensures to safeguard the users fund. If users are exposed to any theft or fraudulent activity, the platform will take the responsibility and return the users lost funds. However, the event must occur within the platform and under the terms of a specific transaction

CryptFillCoins – Expanding the Commercial Trading Marketplace

CryptFillCoins has created a cost-effective and streamlined way to increase the use of cryptocurrencies in the modern commercial trading landscape. Through the adoption of the multi-currency wallet, CFC offers both, companies and individuals the ability to easily create invoices, send and receive payments in various cryptocurrencies, and facilitate an efficient and seamless trade.

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