CURES Token – Offering Better Accessibility to a Global Healthcare System

The costs associated with healthcare services are rising at an exponential rate. In fact,  according to the recent report published by OECD, without adequate reforms, in the coming years, healthcare services are speculated to become unaffordable for over half of the global population. Some of the critical reasons behind this imminent pricing crisis include an increase in the population, advances in the medical sector, medical complexities, etc.

CURES Token has been dedicatedly designed to address the impediments associated with the affordability of healthcare services by decentralizing the existing healthcare system and empowering patients, health app developers, medical service providers and equipment suppliers. The platform has leveraged state-of-the-art-technologies to reduce the costs and optimize the use of limited resources within the sector. In the year 2019, the ecosystem plans to extend a Security Token Offering for the EHR platform (one of the fundamental offerings) in order to promote the development and value of the product. Additionally, it also intends to provide investors with opportunities to claim the company’s share and optimize their profit by supporting and sponsoring the development process.


Six Imperative Pillars of CURES Token

The operation of CURES Token rests on six pillars that include:-


  • Electronic Health Records

Every time individuals make a visit to healthcare center, their appointments are recorded. A separate record is maintained for every visit of the same patient, this makes data retrieving process complicated and at times incur cost. Additionally, all the data is stored in a centralized unit, which further makes it vulnerable to security threats.

EHR is designed to eliminate this issue by leveraging blockchain technology. Instead of data being accumulated in a centralized location, it is distributed within blocks that enhances  the security. Furthermore, Patients have full control over their medical data that ensures easy access to medical consultations from any part of the world. This further helps in alleviating stress on the healthcare system by reducing long visiting lines of patients. In fact, users can also monetize their data and sell it medical institutions for surveys.


  • HAPP Store (App store for health apps)

The platform intends to offer various health apps to users in order to help them improve their overall well-being. Presently, the network has its ‘Vision – Software for the Colourblind’ app ready-to-be-purchased. The app has already been endorsed by various medical, educational and academic institutions. It also holds institutional support from globally reckoned bodies including Ministries of Education and the European Parliament.


  • Health Assurance Platform

The platform offers innovative future contracts concept that includes both specific contracts and generic contracts. This allows Medical Service Providers (MSP) to offer their services for discounted prices, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the market.


  • Marketplace and Trust Review Platform

Patients today no longer rely merely on recommendations from friends and family. They also research online to ensure cost-effectiveness, security, quality, etc. CURES Token has established a decentralized trust review system that enables only genuine and verified recipients of the healthcare service to post reviews.


  • Trading Platform

It is a dedicated sales channel for Medical Equipment Suppliers (MES) to sell their products directly to hospitals, clinics, patients and other traders. Through this channel, CURES Token intends to eliminate long supply chains and reduce product costs.


  • Charitable Trust Fund

It is a separate legal entity, which is funded by 5% of the token supply along with voluntary contributions of token users. It is to be used as a funding instrument for charitable projects in order to improve the healthcare systems in economically-backwards regions.


Security Token Offering

Security Token Offering is primarily directed towards promoting and reinforcing the development of ‘Electronic Health Records.’ It will also enable the team to garner opportunities to investors and stakeholders in order to optimize their profit earning opportunities by claiming the shares of the business and its generates profits.

Primarily, the token holders participating in STO will be rewarded from dividends along with potential capital gains resulting from the projects and overall business growth. CRS token (CURES Token) will be used for the internal payments, transactions, and rewards.


Benefits of CURES Token

Some of the notable advantages of CURES token are:-



  • Hedging against inflation
  • In the future, if the CURES value increase, patients can trade the contracts for higher prices
  • By purchasing contracts patients can ensure access to medical services at discounted rates.
  • Medical contracts enable patients to get quality medicare services across the globe.



  • Streamline the cash flow
  • An effective way of interest-free fund
  • Guaranteeing future work
  • Attracting new patients by offering services at competitive rates
  • If the CURES Token rise in value, clinics have the option to outsource the contract


CURES Token – Decentralizing the Global Healthcare Landscape

CURES Token is a blockchain-based platform that intends to revolutionize the global healthcare system by extending a decentralized approach. Through its effective services, the ecosystem aims to empower patients to access quality healthcare services across the globe at affordable rates.


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