ELAD – A Reliable and Trustworthy Real-Estate Ecosystem

ELAD is a transformational platform that aims to simplify the complexities of real estate investment. The challenges such as lack of dependency, transparency, high transaction costs, and entry barriers, keep investors from harnessing maximum profits out of their investment. ELAD is a decentralized platform that has seamlessly incorporated blockchain, real estate, and artificial intelligence to provide investors with a smart and well-informed way to execute their investments. ELAD is a unique network that envisions to solve the complexities related to real estate investment and provide investors with a secure and transparent investing network.

An Easy and Efficient Investment Process

Individuals can initiate the investment process by building a catalog of prospect real-estate and then selecting a property they desire to invest in. The platform exhibits all the relevant details regarding the property such as expected or current rental returns, geographical information, property fees, legal documents and more. Moreover, all the properties in the system are categorized in seven reserve pricing levels, where minimum price block can go as low as $50 USD worth of ELAD coin. You can buy ELAD coins as per your investment preferences or buy and hold as a crypto portfolio. Higher the reserve price of the property, the lower is the block availability, so investors that want to buy big percentages have to be quick to secure their share in the network. Additionally, investors can also sell their blocks on the platform or on a open decentralized auction site.

Rendering Reliability, Security, and Transparency

The platform has incorporated smart contracts, thereby ensuring secure transactions between the buyers and sellers without the need of any third party. Furthermore, the investors also receive a product key that gives them with full control over their assets and payments on the platform. ELAD is also a peer-2-peer network that allows buyers and sellers to directly contact each other, therefore eliminating the need for any middleman and substantially saving on the transactional costs. With these features, ELAD ensures transparency and security to its users and makes the investment process more transparent, efficient and reliable than ever.

ELAD Token – The Primary Transactional Unit

ELAD token is an ERC20 standard cryptocurrency that is utilized in the network to execute transactions. It can be acquired during the crowd sale or at cryptocurrency exchanges once the crowd sale is over. ELAD crowd sale is essentially for those investors who are looking to gain access to the initial real-estate offerings on the platform. During the sale the tokens are distributed instantly by smart contracts, once the system successfully obtains the currency, investors receive ELAD tokens in their wallets in no time.

Artificial Intelligence – A Reliable Assistant

ELAD has leveraged the power of artificial intelligence to assist its users and help them make profitable decisions. The digital agents provide round the clock customer service that investors can rely on and get real-time solutions to any query.

Eliminating the Complexities of the Real Estate Sphere

The real-estate industry is undoubtedly profitable; however, investors need to possess both money and expertise to earn substantial returns via this remunerative domain. ELAD is a decentralized real-estate platform that allows investors to get real-time assistance from A.I. agents and make well-informed decisions. Furthermore, the network leverages smart contracts and peer-2-peer connectivity and blockchain technology to ensure that the transactions are transparent, secure, and cost-effective.

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