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Apollon Foundation

Leading transformation of pan-entertainment industry

The Apollon Blockchain project aims to develop and support all the related business applications with the underlying Blockchain infrastructure technology. The Group believes that APO Platform is one of world’s first and most comprehensive multi-chain platforms, coving and re-sharping pan-entertainment and eCommerce ecosystem landscape. The re-sharping of products and service offering could mean that it is beyond a customer’s comprehension (never know such a product or service could exist) at this point in time. APO’s vision is to have a “free flow of value”, enabling users or members of the Platform to enjoy the benefits of the rich offering of blockchain technology

Token sale start and end dates May 7, 2018 – Dec 15, 2018
Token Type ERC20
Token price USD1.0
Accepted currency BTC, ETH
KYC (y/n) Yes
Token name APO
ICO Token Price USD1.0
Alan lau
Takuya Hashiyada
Jimmy Chan
Harris Tim Ng
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Apollon’s business vision is to provide commercial-level integrated blockchain infrastructure services. The core competency for this business model rests on the following: a. a community marketplace concept based on a host of diverse pan-entertainment offerings; b. capable and robust technology deployment in blockchain, side-chain, and blockchain security; c. strong and secure payment tools and gateways; d. and a 2-tier currency structure with LCash tied to the US dollar to alleviate operators’ pain points.