International Sky Group – Evolution of the Communication Sphere

Owing to the advent of globalization, countries across the world are increasingly investing in contemporary telecommunication mediums to ensure uninterrupted channels of communication. While the progress in this domain has been exponential, there are crucial pitfalls that hinder its development. In many parts of the world, people still don’t have access to adequate mobile communication. Moreover, in remote regions, communication services are complicated and expensive for common people to afford. Inaccessibility of adequate technologies and a low salary bar are two of the fundamental reasons behind the shortfall of adoption of telecommunication.

International Sky Group – The Solution

International Sky Group is a transformational project that aims to overcome the setbacks of the existing communication landscape and offer an effective solution. The decentralized approach of this platform enables people to access voice and internet communication without them having to worry about high cost and complex functioning.

How ISG Platform Stands Out in the Market?

The experienced and proficient team at ISG have designed a ‘Satellite Communication System’ (SCS) which is capable of functioning together as well as individually with the current telecommunication network. Additionally, it is built on a low-orbit communication satellite constellation that allows high-speed information transfer. The system uses 98 satellites that are present on the low-Earth orbit to offer a 100% information surface of the ground. This will significantly reduce communication service costs and boost its accessibility. While other satellite telecoms are planning to offer 2 Mbps data transmission speed per subscriber by 2021, ISG offers the same at 12 Mbps speed per subscriber. Moreover, the information transfer occurs via phase-code-manipulated signals that ensure data is not interrupted in the data array.

Ascertaining Maximum Data Security

Lack of data security is also one of the major concerns of the communication domain. ISG’s SCS adheres to the highest security standards. The system integrates wireless data transmission technology that ensures there is no interruption from any outside factors. Additionally, the company offers a personal code to each user that strengthens the integrity and protection of their services.

ISG Token Issuance and Allocation

ISG token is an ERC-20 standard token that is issued on Ethereum and supported by standard crypto-purses. The face value of the ISG token is defined in terms of USD dollars (USD), at a parity rate of 1 ISG token per 1 USD.
The ‘Friends and Strategic Buyers’ or pre-sale stage is reserved for people, companies, and organizations selected by the ISG team and continues for 3 months. The Token Generation Event (TGE) crowdsale will last for 3 months and is open for all consumers for a minimum amount equivalent of USD 100.
The TGE hard-cape is valued at USD 150 Million and the soft-cap is valued at USD 30 Million. If the minimum of the soft-cap token is not sold during the stages of TGE, then the funds will be returned to the customers.

The tokens will be distributed in the following manner :-

• 76.5% – Allocated to sale
• 15% – Reserved for owners
• 5.5%- Reserved for bounties and referrals
• 2% – Tendered towards advisors
• 1% – Contributed towards ICO team

Subsequently, the fund allocation will be executed in the following way :-

• 69% – Equipment costs, materials and orbit insertion
• 17% – Payroll services
• 9% – Adjustment and testing
• 3% – Contributed to project insurance.

ISG – A Boon to the Global Telecommunication Market

The International Sky Group is an unconventional platform that is on its way to transform the present communication landscape and make it more cost-effective and accessible to users. ISG has a proficient team onboard that has integrated their expertise with the latest technologies to offer safe, fast and affordable communication worldwide.
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