Raido Financial – Setting New Benchmarks in the Cryptocurrency Domain

Raido Financial is planning to reinvent the cryptocurrency industry in several ways. It has identified the huge potential that the cryptocurrency landscape holds and that more new traders will enter the crypto-markets. The platform offers various robust technical tools that allow investors to take part in various digital activities seamlessly and earn substantial returns.

Raido has developed two MVP products that are available on the platform’s official website. These are the Multicurrency Wallet and the Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange.

Raido Multicurrency Wallet

While designing its cryptocurrency wallet, the company analysed all the available products in the market and found that just 10 out of all the 120 wallets were fully functional at that time. They were Jaxx, Exodus, Coinbase, Holy Transaction, Coinomi, Ledger Nano, Trezer, Keepkey. These platforms were further analyzed according to the following yardsticks;
• Anonymity of the user
• Customer support
• Number of cryptocurrencies handled
• Exchanger used
• Cross platform compatibility
• Security

Based on the results of this analysis, Raido Financial has developed a wallet that has high security, is competitive, and offers a cross platform solution. In addition, the Raido wallet also offers multilingual support in the form of chats, faqs, and knowledge forums. The Raido Wallet is also integrated to various payment gateways, merchants, and electronic payment systems.

Secure and Efficient

In terms of security, the wallet protects the identities of its users and does not reveal their locations. There will be additional security features like the 256-AES encryption, which is the latest security standard. New users can bank upon these features deployed in the wallet like secured keyboard, double encryption, pin codes etc.

Since the Raido exchange will be linked to other crypto-exchanges externally, thereby it will have the capability to handle transactions involving 50 different currencies.

Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange

This exchange, most importantly, offers a 24/7 customer support by way of chats, FAQs and knowledge forum. It has multilingual support that supports English, Russian, Spanish, French, and German languages.

The key features of this product are :-

• Transaction is automatic and does not involve multiple steps.
• The company is developing tools for technical analysis that can be used in all the 12 time zones of the world.
• The exchange would be able to add custom tokens including the ones issued via ICO, ITO, TGE, etc.
• It would be fully integrated with other crypto-trading exchanges, merchants, payment gateways, and other payment systems.
• The Raido Exchange would be fully secure against hackers and DDoS attacks.
• In conjunction with the modern financial markets, the Raido exchange would provide liquidity aggregation and distribution.
• This platform would be fully compatible with modern protocols like Rest, WebSocket, and Fix.

Token Sale

The pre-token sale of Raido Financial would begin on November 15 and will continue for the next 30 days. In order to participate in this sale, one needs to buy at least 50 tokens. Fiat money holders can take part in this sale. The ICO will start on January 15 2019.

Raido – A Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Raido Financial is a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to provide the latest and comprehensive tools for crypto-traders irrespective of their blockchain skill sets. Trading on this exchange is absolutely safe and with the support of 50 different currencies, it maximizes the profit earning opportunities for the users.

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