Reindeer – Streamlining the Cloud Computing Ecosystem

Cloud computing enables easy access to a global pool of resources including, services, data, apps, servers, computer networks etc. It is either implemented by a third-party server or a privately-owned cloud. The process makes data-accessing more reliable and efficient, without the need for much administration. However, the entire process of cloud computing still deals with many challenges including lack of reliability, high downtime, security, data privacy, etc. that need to be addressed.

Reindeer – A Decentralized Approach

Github is an exceptional tool that optimized the software product development process of over 27 Million engineers around the world by offering them an extensive information repository and an effective way to collaborate. Reindeer wants to provide the same benefit and opportunity to cloud design creators in order to optimize cloud computing provisions. Reindeer plans to integrate a repository similar to Github along with a reward system to promote the creation and sharing of high-quality cloud design. It will gather high-quality cloud designs from across the globe and offer effective methods to people in order to become a creator and develop high-value online services.

Features of Reindeer

Following are the essential features of this blockchain-based platform:

1. High-Quality Cloud Designs

Reindeer offers users cloud computing combinations and configurations that are necessary to develop a website. Moreover, the network is integrated with high-quality cloud designs that enable users to create the exact system configuration immediately. Users can also choose their own design to develop a personalized configuration. Reindeer is an effective marketing catalog that incorporates a collection of abstract design patterns along with comprehensive information to offer best practice guides.

2. Store, Create, Share, and Collaborate

Reindeer is an interactive platform that enables developers to communicate with one another in order to create, store, and share cloud designs. The system uses creative common licenses and releases all the information as open data. Furthermore, all the content developed and uploaded in the system will be executed via blockchain and smart contract, thereby offering users with maximum security, transparency, and reliability.

3. An Effective Workflow

Typically, companies that offer cloud computing services adhere to IT governance in order to establish a fixed workflow. However, their layout is often inflexible and inefficient. Reindeer aims to eliminate this inefficiency by offering an extensive workflow system that facilitates the entire cloud design creation process; from collaboration to auditing and ordering.

Token Sale and Fund Distribution

Reindeer token, denoted as RDT is an ERC-20 Ethereum compatible token wherein 1RDT = 0.001 ETH. The first ICO will be launched on December 20th, 2018, and will continue till February 4th, 2019. The platform plans to distribute the tokens in the following manner:-

● ICO- 50%
● Fund Holding – 20%
● Team – 10%
● Advisors and Accelerators – 10%
● Bounty- 5%
● Community and Business Development – 5%

Moreover, Reindeer aims to allocate the sale fund generation in the following ways:-

● Marketing – 40%
● Development – 30%
● Contributor- 20%
● Legal and Administration – 8%
● Paid Content – 2%

Reindeer- Empowering Creative Minds

Reindeer is a blockchain based cloud computing ecosystem that aims at creating an extensive database to facilitate cloud computing services like Azure, GCP, Azure, etc. By facilitating people with comprehensive data, the platform aims to encourage creative minds to be their own boss and earn substantial profits in the bargain.

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