SelfSell at Davos: Redefine Human Potentials

Held from January 23 to January 26, the Davos Forum marked as a crucial indicator of the world economy and focused primarily on the international community. Blockchain, increasingly one of the most frequently reported keywords in the global economy, undoubtedly exploded as one of the hot topics during the remarkable three days.

As an expert of the new technology, SelfSell founder Li Yuan was invited to attend Blockchain + Digital Economy and Cultural Summit initiated by the International Digital Economy Association (IDEA). The participants discussed in this era of digital economy and blockchain technology, centered around the question of how they could change the way of living and promote business and technological innovation. He suggested that, as 2018 is widely anticipated to become the first year in which blockchain would go industrialized, there will be a large number of low-level technologies and industries closely integrated and put into large-scale application. He also transfixed the participants with SelfSell’s people-oriented brand philosophy, which means bringing the act of investment closer to its essence and redefining greater human potentials.

Li Yuan said that in the past all investment types had to be carried out through projects and dependent on factors of the third-party investment agents. However, at the essence of investment is the hope for and confidence in human ability, regardless of for its forms — real estate, stock market, precious metals, or even Bitcoin and Ethereum. Therefore, SelfSell strives to become the platform for everyone, as it enlists and shows people as its assets, who are mostly youth with hidden or underestimated talents. The platform thereby serves as a time machine, where anyone can convert future possibilities into present funding, and in turn, maximize future potential by ensuring an expanded reservoir of resources at the present stage.

Elina Yurina, Investment Director of Russian-based RUSNANO, remarked, “If I were 10 years younger, I would also have enlisted myself on your platform,” at an off-stage communication with Li.

Having once won the first place at China’s Blockchain Innovation and Application Contest, Li and his 2017-founded team also recently had their business concept of SelfSell supported by the 2011 Nobel Prize winning economist Thomas Sargent at its Global Roadshow in London.



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