SOMESING – Karaoke With A Twist

Owing to progressions in the digital realm, individuals across the globe have garnered numerous opportunities to exhibit their creativity and be recognized at a global scale. Karaoke, a singer’s delight, was one such opportunity that witnessed its inception in a small town of Japan in 1971. This entertainment form has transformed into one of the popular fun activities among music lovers. While earlier, it was necessary to own a karaoke machine, today, people can sing along and create their own music cover via their smartphones and PC.

Conventional Karaoke System and its Challenges

The global popularity of karaoke has been certainly notable, but it has witnessed setbacks that impacted the users’ overall experience. These impidents must be promptly addressed. To begin with, users have to pay to enjoy the services that are offered by the conventional karaoke system. Moreover typically, users don’t get any reward for their efforts within the system. In fact, the operation and promotion of these systems primarily depend on the fees collected by the users. Some of the karaoke platforms that do compensate its users operate on a centralized approach. The centralized control, however, lacks the transparency, flexibility, and security, thereby creating uncertainty whether the users are getting their fair share.

SOMESING – A User-Centric Solution

SOMESING is a music service platform that has incorporated blockchain technology to reinvent the existing karaoke system. It has implemented a user-centric approach that enables music lovers to recreate their preferred song and earn rewards and profits in return. The integration of blockchain and smart contract further ensures that profits are distributed amongst the users in a fair and transparent manner. This free service platform envisions to encourage the creative minds to showcase their talents on a global level, as well as obtain steady financial benefits.

Staking Elements – Ensuring Token Deposit and Allocation

SomeSing rests on two imperative staking elements that facilitate free services, and deposit and allocation of tokens. The first element intends to offer free singing and creation services. Moreover, it also enables users to open a personalized digital store through a single token deposit. The token money that users deposit are returned to them when they use the services within the ecosystem, thereby adhering to the platform’s free service concept.

The second element is the layout of content wallet that emphasizes on deposition and distribution of the tokens. Within this wallet, tokens collected from sponsors, gifts, and external marketing are stored for four to eight weeks. As the submission of video content increases, the value of token also elevates. After the predetermined period, the collected tokens are distributed amongst the users based on their contributions.

SOMESING – Encouraging and Rewarding the Creative Minds

Presently, the compensation system of karaoke applications is operated by centralized administration. This centralized operation lacks security, transparency, and reliability and keeps users from obtaining their fair share of rewards and profits. SOMESING has harnessed the potential of blockchain technology to create a decentralized ecosystem that allows users to sing, enjoy and recreate their favorite songs, and get rewarded in return. By integrating a fair reward and profit making system, the platform envisions to encourage creative minds to showcase their talents and be a part of the innovative digital landscape.

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